هتعاكس؟ هنخصيك! by Guebara - جيبارا (Graphics), on Flickr

One of the photos used in a campaign in Egypt against Sexual Harassment

These are advices and thoughts every female should keep in mind when using public transportation in Lebanon (most likely to be applicable in countries in the same region):

  1. If he stares, stare back! Don’t be afraid! (inspired by @EngyG)
  2. If you’re in a taxi, don’t sit in the front seat! Even if the driver is an old man..Age is irrelevant here!
  3. Don’t get into a taxi if the driver locks the doors.
  4. If you’re in a bus, some might try to touch you or simply poke you. Your only solution is to YELL at them and let everyone know!
  5. In such situations, and not as most people think, you’re in the powerful position, make use of it. Harassers are always (and should be) afraid.
  6. It’s NEVER about the way you look or dress!! NEVER! So don’t use that to avoid harassment!
  7. It’s not your fault! Never was and never will be. Keep that in mind and you’ll be stronger!

I’m planning to write a full guide but I’ll start with these points for now. It is based on my experience and you may or may not relate to these points but it does happen here and/or anywhere else. Please feel free to add more!

Also if anyone knows anything about how the Lebanese Law deals(if it does) with sexual harassment, please let me know!