Today (March 12), “Reporters Without Borders” are celebrating the World Day Against Cyber Censorship.

Maybe we cannot relate with the subject in Lebanon since this virtual side of this messed up country is still free (so far) but it doesn’t mean we’re off the hook. If they’re not doing anything about what’s being said in our blogesphere, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to, they just don’t know how…yet!

I mean we’ve seen some of their “intentions” when they tried to shut down the TV show “LOL” because of  some “inappropriate” jokes!

To see what we might be facing in the future, nothing is more clear and frightening than the list of the bloggers at Threatned Voices who have been threatened, arrested or killed because of their words online!

What anti-censorship means to me? Freedom! Our most basic right as human beings! We need to be free to express our feelings, thoughts and opinions with no fear of anyone! Censorship by other parties usually ends up with self-censorship, you’ll end up imprisoning yourself if they don’t do it themselves! Which is more dangerous to me..

How companies and governments should act in regard to this censorship? Not by only allowing others to talk freely online, but by making sure they have the means to do so. In Lebanon, they can start by offering a decent internet and telecommunications infrastructure..

Note: You can also read more about the “Web2.0 vs. Control 2.0” at RSF