This post is part of my participation in the Kolena Laila initiative

I was an A student in high school. But my Arabic teacher told me I should get married and stay home to raise my children. I wasn’t good enough to have a career!

I was a nerd at the university. But my classmates thought I was wasting my time by studying a “manly”(?) major. I wasn’t good enough to have the chance to prove they’re wrong.

I’m a hard worker, in fact I’m a workaholic!! And after almost 2 years in my current job, some of my colleagues still think I’m a “designer” which is a “girly”(?) position in their opinion. I’m not good enough to do what they’re doing or even close.

My parents always get this “Awww..Poor You” look when they say they have 3 girls(I have 2 sisters, no brothers). We’re never good enough as a son. Not even when they say they’re very proud of us. Not even when my father says he raised 3 independent and powerful women!. We’re still not frigging good enough!!!

I’ve been touched and sexually harassed so many times because I was never good enough to have the right to own my body!!

I was subjected to all forms of sexism because I was never good enough to even say I am good enough!!

Because I AM good enough..I am even better!!

It’s not only me. It’s what every female goes through in our male dominant societies. The problem is that most of these women believe that. They accept being not good enough. They accept being treated as objects or even sex slaves. And they raise their girls to accept that too!

The solution should start with us. We should believe in ourselves so others can do too!