Into quizzes and challenges?! do you like to solve riddles, crack softwares,hack websites or find secret doors or passages?! or do you have a good sense of analyzing images maybe?!

Try to find the passwords on these sites’ levels using anything you rules..just get the darn passwords

GodTower– series of towers(levels) you climb one by one…by getting a password out of the clues given in the picture on each tower, some challenges give you another picture as a hint..just check if there’s a black arrow above the picture..and don’t forget to check the rules before you start…really interesting..I remember reaching level thirty something…now I’m starting all over..(better with IE. With Firefox, the challenge is aligned to the left…I don’t know why)

Net-Force– more computer/programming oriented….but some categories can be solved by anyone who knows just how to Google….there are no levels in this one..and for each category…they give you a challenge with its solution as a tutorial, check their tools library for helping applications too…I loved the cavaj one(converting a .class file to .java…hehehe yeah..the opposite of javac) and always remember: the title of the challenge tells you ALOT about the password..always look at the title….I solved around twenty something challenges.

I miss these sites….by the way…Shogo is the one who told me about them…

Please contact me in case you got addicted to them so we can share some stuff or maybe help me when I’m stuck..uh..uhhh…help each other out when someone is stuck I mean…ok? 😀